D.I.Y Pocket Book 

Let’s make a book. 

Pocket books are fun. A cheep way to spread your art, poetry, message or wherever around.

A few years ago I found myself handing hundreds of business cards out with no response. Then one day had this idea to write a small book and on the back include my website in for and links to my art. This worked well and people shared them with friends. It was a great way to get my message about Art Magic out there and gain new viewers. 

Here’s how to do it. 

First, I created this using an iPad so will explain the steps I took to make it in that way. 

I’m sure you could do it the same way using similar apps and printers. 

Supplies you will need :

Smartphone / computer/iPad 


Paper (brochure paper)


Scissors/ paper cutter  

Step 1 

Prepare your content. Whether it be poetry, art, comic or  info.

Step 2 

Now find a app or program that allows you to create a portion page like this.

I used Strip Designer 

Available here at the App Store  Strip Designer by Vivid App


Now here are some examples of my book.

Notice the placement of the front page and back page with my website info. 

Step 4 

Now print these out on one letter sized paper. Front and back.

Paper types that work best are brochure paper made for such things. 

You can also use card stock but thicker paper is harder to staple. 

Step 5 

Fold the paper into eight parts.

This makes it easier to cut.

Now you are ready to share your creation with the world 

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